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Subject:Harold and Kumar 2, Kinda Funny - Doomsday, Totally Awesome
Time:12:14 pm

Spoiler warnings for both movies, but I don't try to hard to ruin it for you.

I'd honestly rank H&K 2 right up there with the first one.  There's a few funny scenes, and the movie drags on a bit too long by the end.  

Oh, and NPH steals the show once again.

I do love that this one starts up RIGHT after the first film, which a lot of sequels don't tend to do, but for whatever reason I love it when this happens.  It's why I enjoy Halloween 2 a hell of lot more than I probably should.

The humor is still on the stoner side of things of course, but it's not something like Cheech and Chong, where I feel like you literally have to be fucking stoned to find it funny.  There's some decent race humor, and I'm sure most of you can more or less figure out how they get sent to "G-Bay" in the first place (ethnicity issues arise!), but right after they make it out, it kinda turns into a replica of the first film.  

I mean really, did they have to do the damn going home with a redneck and hijinx ensue joke again?  

So yeah, some of the stuff feels pretty stale, but once again the NPH stuff is gold.  I kinda hope they don't bother to do a full film on him though, if only because I don't think the writers are capable of putting together an hour and half joke revolving around Harris' character of himself.  It works well as a 10-15 minute sequence, but I don't see it sustaining a whole fucking film.  

Also, while some of the humor works, a lot of it is pretty fucking retarded, and some it seems ripped out of 80's Revenge of the Nerds / Animal House stable of jokes.  You've got this jocky, Alpha Male character who ends up being completely what you think he is, and then there's the authority figures that manage to be a threat to H and K evne though they're obviously completely retarded.  One incredibly stupid sequence has the main "villian" using an interpreter to speak with Harold's parents, even though they speak perfect english.  Every time they respond to the interpreter in english, he, and the villian, act like they can't understand what they're saying, and go so far as to say the parents are speaking gibberish.  By this point we've well established that the villian is pretty fucking racist, and this sequence is really fucking stupid, and drains most of the humor out of the joke.  

Anyways, it's just alright.  In the post Apatow world of R rated comedies it doesn't really have a lot going for it, other than some gratitous nudity and a bit more gross out humor than some of the other stuff out there.  

Doomsday, on the other hand, was fucking awesome.  I was prepared to already like the movie going in, which is pretty fucking bias I guess, but I don't review movies for a living, so who cares?  I liked Dog Soldiers quite a bit, even if I was one of the last people on Earth to actually see it, so I knew the gore and physical FX stuff could be well done.

I was fully prepared to see some kind of modern take on a Mad Max vehicle going in, but I was pretty surprised with how closely the movie echoed Escape from New York, right down to a Carpenter-esque soundtrack, and the main character Major Sinclair (the super hot Rhona Mitra), sporting one eye and an eyepatch thru the majority of the film.  

There's nothing particularly electrifying about the acting or the cast, other than Rhona Mitra is hot, and plays up a Ripley/Plissken hybrid really well, and the character Saul (a rock star like cannibal gang leader), who puts on a solid performance as a threatening psychopath in every scene he pops up in.

Also, the movie uses Bob Hoskins, which more movies really should do.  

The gore doesn't disappoint, and what I really love about it is that it all feels pretty real.  I can completely imagine that someones face would look like that after a shotgun blast to the head at close range, or that someones hand would get mushed in that fashion if they stuck it into a closing blast door of sorts.  The action itself is shot really well too, you don't have any trouble following the fight sequences and shoot outs, and there's not a lot of shaky cam effects, or a ton of shitty WS Anderson Quick Cuts that keep you from being able to figure out what the fuck is going on.

The only real complaint I have with the movie is towards the end, when Sinclair and the others come across the car and phone in a pretty fucking convienient manner.  I guess maybe they had mapped this out prior to entering the zone, but if they did it wasn't really explained all that well.  I can't complain too much though, since this leads into the pretty awesome car chase/fight sequence that probably tops whatever Death Race is going to show us this weekend.  

There's even a little bit of an Aliens nod, whether it's intentional or not, in the vehicles that Sinclair's team arrive in the hot zone with.  Also the idea of the team feels a bit like the Colonial Marines, but they're not nearly as fleshed out as Vasquez, Hicks, and the other guys.  

Also, I love that Mitra's character is pretty much just reffered to as either Major, or Sinclair.  You don't even learn her first name till the last third of the movie, and nobody fucking uses it.  It just reminds me of a classic action hero name, and it's easy to remember. 

Still, it's one hell of a sci-fi action flick, and I really loved it.  Lots of violence and gore, and one particularly gruesome scene that I'll make the weak stomach people cringe I imagine, but it's not shown in a boring Gore Porn fashion, and the actual action is fun and pretty constant.  The ending opens up the way for a sequel, but I'm not entirely sure we'll ever see that happen. 

EDIT:  Also, just came across this on Bloody Disgusting, but fuck, they're making a remake of It's Alive?  


Here's a fairly long trailer for it:  http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/13374  nsfw, due to some boob

It's been a long time since I saw the first one, but this looks pretty similar.  I'll totally watch this.
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Subject:Wanted sucks, I finally *get* Dead Rising
Time:12:31 pm
Big time Wanted spoilers coming that cover this whole shitty movie from beginning to end.  

Basically, I really, really didn't like it.  It's not so much because it deviates quite a bit from the source material in the second half, and I'm usually not the guy that cares too much about that stuff, but that is part of it.  

When the movie begins, it seems to get things right.  Wesley is a pussy, he takes shit from his cheating girlfriend, his annoyingly obese boss, and he sucks it up like an emo sponge.  He has some anxiety issues, or so he thinks, that he takes regular meds for.  His best friend is fucking his girlfriend on his lunch breaks.  Basically his life sucks.  

Enter Fox, who tells him that his father was an assassin that was killed at the beginning of the movie, and that Wesley basically has super powers, where his heart beats much faster than normal folks, allowing him to do extraordinary things.  That's my first issue, in that they give these guys super powers (beyond the stupid bullet curving), but they still wouldn't try to tackle the supervillian aspect.  Kinda lame.  

After a bit Wesley comes to terms with this, realizes that his life could now be awesome, and goes to be an assassin.  However, he still comes off as a pussy, just one with powers.  The only person he really gets back at from his previous life is his best friend, who he clocks with a keyboard.  He basically  has a sit down with his boss, and tells her to fuck off, but not before he tells her he feels sorry for her and how she was treated in high school.  I can't even remember him actually saying anything to his GF, other than ignoring her.  I mean really Wesley,  you're going to be a big time assassin who kills people, and the best you can do is smack someone with a keyboard?  Oh, and the keys spell out Fuck You.  How cute.

Wesley meets Sloan, and Sloan is the head dude.  He shows Wesley the loom that produces a Weave that then produces the names of the people they're supposed to be killing.  Basically, a hit list from Fate.  Sloan tells Wesley that the man that killed his father is a rogue agent, and they want to use Wesley to take him down since he's the only guy that can get close enough (and I don't remember them really explaining why at this point).

Eventually Wesley does have it out with this guy, and this is where the big twist comes in.  This guy tells Wesley that he's actually his father, but Wesley doesn't quite believe him and shoots him anways.  However, Sloan gives Fox a hit on Wesley, who apparently came up in the weave.  

Wesley ends up finding out that this guy was his dad, and that he found out Sloan has been making up the hit list ever since Sloan's own name had shown up in the weave.  Fox confirms this, but makes a half hearted attempt at killing Wesley, who escapes.

Wesley then decides to mount a one man offensive on the the assassin HQ using exploding rats, something that they obtusely foreshadowed earlier, so we kinda knew this was coming.  Keep in mind that Wesley would appear to have been an assassin for less than a year, compared to the other guys at this place that have supposedly been doing this for fucking ever.  Still, Wesley fucks them all up, including his trainers, until he's surrounded by a group of assassins that include Fox.  Sloan is in the room as well, and Wesley tells them all what he knows.

Sloan doesn't deny it, and instead says that all their names, (the other assassins and Fox), had come up in the weave, and that he was just protecting the group.  Keep in mind that Sloan has been proven to be a big fucking liar at this point, so why any of them would belive him is beyond me.  But whatever.  

Fox doesn't quite buy into it, and she shoots off a curved bullet that takes out all the assassins surrounding Wesley, tosses Wesley her gun, and then steps into the bullet path herself.  I'm sure this is supposed to make us feel like Fox is a martyr of some sort, and dying because fate demanded it, but guess what?  SLOAN IS A FUCKING LIAR YOU DUMB SHIT.  Why would you kill yourself because he said that your name appeared in the weave?  Basically, Fox comes off looking like an idiot.  Great death.

Of course, Wesley flubs up here, and Sloan gets away.  

Then we get treated to a VO with Wesley, that tries to make us believe that Wesley has gone back to his normal life after failing to kill Sloan.  We see a figure in a chair, that looks like Wesley at his desk from the beginning of the movie, googling Wesley's name in the computer.  Then Sloan shows up behind him, with a gun pointed at his back.  Keep in mind that Sloan is supposed to be some kind of mastermind character, but yet he can't tell that this guy sitting here was a fucking a decoy, and that he is also now standing on a giant X that marks where Wesley snipes him from miles away.  Great fucking job genius, Darwin awards all around.  

I know they use the X thing when the Killer gets killed in the beginning, but I can buy that a bit better since he was actually fighting and kiling guys at the time.  I still don't get why they even use the X, other than a visual gag, since it's not like the fucking assassins can see it from where they're shooting.  But whatever.  

Also, people complain about Zack Snyder using slow motion too much?  Every fucking action scene in Wanted uses it.   Every single bit of fucking action has goddamn bullet time.  I agree that 300 used that shit too much as well, but this is just as bad, if not possibly worse. 


So yeah, Dead Rising.  When this first came out I was pretty amped, what with it being a video game adapatation of Dawn of the Dead without the license for it, but the actual game let me down quite a bit.  The save system sucked, the survivor AI was retarded, and Frank felt way to weak to actually accomplish much in the game.  

However, going back to it in the last week or so it's kinda clicking for me.  I basically treat Frank like he has one life.  I don't save often, and when he dies, I just start over.  When you start over you carry over your current level, exp, and skills, so everytime you start over  you're a bit more powerful than before.  Now at level 15 or so, and around Case 3, I feel far more equipped to start saving people and take down some psychopaths than I did at the beginning.  I still get my ass handed to me more often, and the survivor AI is still really stupid, but I'm enjoying it more.  

Still, not really a fantastic zombie game, but if they do a part 2 and manage to fix a few issues, it could definitely be a winner.  

Oh, and a side note, here's an pretty slick grindhouse style trailer for a new House of the Dead game for the Wii.  Enjoy:  


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Subject:Hello Again, Midnight Meat Train wtf
Time:03:52 pm
 Man, I haven't posted in forever.  Obviously the movie thing was a bust.  Life gets in the way of too many things >_<

I have, lately, felt myself drawn back into the horror genre, which I was out of for a bit due to watching one too many horrible, shitty films in the genre a few months back.  

However, I watched The Ruins last week (or the week before), and really enjoyed it, then I ended up catching The Gate on Showtime or something, which reminded me how awesome the creature effects in that movie were (even though the movie itself sucks), and then, THEN, I watched Poltergeist 2.  Now obviously, Poltergeist is the superior film, but what did 2 have going for it?  


That guy is/was creepy as fuck.  Creepiest old guy I've probably ever seen in a horror movie.  

Anyways, this stuff got me thinking about upcoming horror releases, which in turn got me thinking about Midnight Meat Train, that adaptation of the Clive Barker short story that was supposed to come out earlier this year.  

Well, it got pushed back to last week, and you might have missed it, considering that it only came out on 100 screens or so, all of which are those budget, shitty, $1.50 a ticket theaters that end up showing runs of films right before they come out on DVD.

Hell, even our budget theater wasn't running this one.  That really fucking blows, and from what I hear, it's not a bad flick at all, certainly no worst than One Missed Call or The Strangers, or whatever.  Damn shame, but I guess I'll be waiting for the DVD release.  I'm really curious as to why they buried this one so hard, it seemed to have an ok budget behind it. 
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Subject:#56 - Cloverfield (This way be spoilers!) #57 - Godfather Part 2
Time:01:22 pm


Part of me was taken back by how much I enjoyed Cloverfield.  I knew going into it that I would like it, but even a few days later (I saw it on Friday), I'll still say I loved it.

The found cam footage doesn't get as tired as you might think, and part of that can be attributed to the brisk run time (somewhere around 75 mins, sans credits).  The CGI effects are spectacular, and the monster design is pretty damn unique.  If you wanted to compare it to anything, think of the texture of the monster from "The Host", but as far as the actual look goes, well, I can't really come up with much.

The main gut of the film takes about 20 minutes to really kick off, and it doesn't let up from that point on.  There are a few quiet moments spread about, but they're pretty short, and when they do kick in they tend to impact the audience pretty well.  In particular, there is a gut wrenching scene in the subway, where one of the characters has to inform his mother via phone that his brother has died during the escape.  The completely unrecognizable actors (I can't place a single face in anything else I've ever seen) really help to sell the cam footage feel of the movie, so nothing really brings you out of the experience.  

New York City's grand destruction definitely echo's some of that 9/11 feel from all the footage we've seen of the falling towers, especially in a scene that happens directly after the decapitated Statue of Liberty, where a building collapses after being hit, and a huge cloud of dust and debris engulfs everyone that's run out into the street.  I can imagine certain things being hard to watch for survivors or people that were on the scene, but I honestly don't feel that its exploiting that as some have suggested (FOX News, ugh).  

There's other mass destruction sequences that are pretty effective, but the lasting impressions come from viewing the after effects.  When the cast mounts a rescue operation for the main character's gf, they manage to make it to her apartment building only to find it leaning against another high building for support.  It's a pretty striking image, and the interior parts of this scene are handled really well.  

I have to suggest seeing it in the theater, mostly because I think a lot of the effect will be lost on a smaller screen, but it's one hell of a ride.  

#57 - Godfather Part 2

Fantastic movie, and I definitely enjoyed it more than the first.  

In particular, the scenes with DeNiro playing young Vito were the best, and his "rise to power" didn't play out quite like I would have suspected.  Seeing him finally get revenge against he man who murdered his family was satisfying, and it was interesting to compare how different his family building was to that of Michael.

The stuff with Mike was definitely good, but as he lost more and more of his core family, he becomes a bit less interesting to watch.  The film is supported well by the diverse cast, but as they begin to disappear towards the last act it just feels more distant.  

Definitely top notch though, and while I know i should avoid Godfather Part 3, I have to see it to quell the curiousity of how they went wrong with that one. 

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Subject:#44-55 AKA Lots of Movies
Time:01:18 pm
Since I'm behind, we'll keep this fairly short, but this is what I was basically watching over the holidays.  Classics mixed with modern, shit mixed with gold!

Mean Streets  - One of the few Scorcese flicks I've never seen, and even though it does show its age a bit, it's still pretty solid.  It's a different take on his later gangster movies, with this one focusing on the reaaaaal little people, the money collectors and thugs of the criminal world.  Kietel puts in a really nice performance, and DeNiro plays a suitable crazy.

Godfather -  Yes, I've never seen the Godfather from beginning to end.  I've seen a lot of the film, but always bits and pieces caught on TV here and there.  So I sat down and watched the whole thing, and I'll pretty much just agree with everyone everywhere that it's fantastic.  Everyone in this film is great, and it's easy to see why so many people love it.  I'll be catching Godfather 2 this weekend, which I've seen very little of.  I'll probably skip Godfather 3 though, since it's supposed to be horrible.

The Insider - Didn't even realize this was a Michael Mann movie until I put it in, and I picked up solely for Russel Crowe.  Definitely not my favorite Mann movie, or Crowe movie for that matter, but still worth a watch.  Doesn't seem to be quite as hard hitting in this "Truth" world of anti cigarette ads nowadays, but the story is definitely interesting stuff.

Don't Pick Up the Phone - Ah, true "grindhouse"!  BCI puts out these double feature DVD's called "Welcome to the Grindhouse" and I picked up a couple of them in the last couple weeks.  One was a Sonny Chiba double feature, and the other one was a Thriller themed dvd that had this film on it.  I suggest picking these DVD's up, mostly because they copy that double feature effect that Tarantino and Rodriguez were going for, but with real trailers and real explotation/grindhouse flicks.   

Anyways, the acting is horrible, but the overall story is surpisingly dark and the actual stuff shown on screen is pretty twisted.  The plot is a serial killer that rapes and then strangles his victims with the pantyhose of his previous victim, and he constantly antagonizes some radio psychology host during the film.  I think that's where the title comes in, but in all honesty it doesn't fit the film.  However, it's interesting to watch for someone who didn't grow up in that era of filmmaking (like myself) but it's hardly fine art.  Oh, lots of boobies.  

Halloween Remake - Ugh.

Hatchet - Double Ugh.  Did anyone really want to see Harmony's tits?

Shoot Em Up - Triple that.  I wanted to like this, but there is absolutely no substance to this film.  Just the over the top firefights, and horrible one liners.  This is coming from a guy who loves Commando, and a slew of bad 80's action movies.  Shoot Em Up just feels really empty.

Sunshine - I enjoyed this quite a bit.  Great imagery, but some hollow acting.  Reminded me a tad of Event Horizon at the end, and you definitely have to suspend some disbelief for the end villian, which really offsets of the otherwise believeable aspects of the mission.  I'll probably buy this on Blu Ray, it'd make a good showcase title at least.  Fantastic music too.

Bourne Ultimatum - Caps off one of the best action trilogies I've ever seen.  Shaky Cam be damned, it's hard to not enjoy the entire run.  

Eastern Promises -  Absolutely loved this, far better than History of Violence.  The bathhouse scene is just brutal, and Viggo plays a great borderline bad guy.  Almost feels like it's setting up something more for the future, but Cronenberg probably isn't coming back to this.  

Jacob's Ladder - Never read the story, but this was ok.  I was expecting something a bit more twisted, but it falls a little flat.  Tim Robbins is great, I generally like him in anything, but outside of a few gruesome scenes (the hospital), there's nothing that really stuck with me.  

Rob-B-Hood - Fun, recent, Hong Kong Jackie Chan flick.  Has a surprising amount of heart, and is far better than Rush Hour 3 if you're wanting some kind of Jackie fix.  Pretty good choreography, but I have a feeling his best work is far behind him now. 
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Subject:#43 - Paprika AKA The Best Movie I've Seen All Year
Time:01:05 pm

#43 - Paprika

Holy shit.



I was completely blown away by this one.  

Absolutely wonderful anime/film by Satoshi Kon (Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress) adapted from a novel/short story.  The art direction is fantastic, and the over all theme and plot is pretty damn good.  I'm not entirely sure EXACTLY what caused me to love this movie so much, but I absolutely do.  

It's hard to go into detail about it without ruining the movie for folks, but I'll give some scant details.  

Basically it revolves around a device that allows its user to join in on a dream with someone else wearing the same device.  The theory is that using this can help in the field of psychiatry and what not, which in itself isn't quite a unique idea.  However, something (or someone) goes wrong and causes something akin to a viral dream that runs rampant thru people causing them to go mad, and the gut of the story is figuring out what is happening and how to stop it.

Paprika does a fantastic job of bringing a dream world to life, and is probably the best I've seen at capturing the complete random oddness of being in a dream and realizing that you're actually dreaming.  

I can't suggest this one enough, you pretty much have to go out and at least rent this over the weekend or something.

Also, fucking brilliant on Blu Ray.  My new favorite disc easily.

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Subject:#38 - 42
Time:01:57 pm
#38 - Rescue Dawn

Really enjoyed this flick.  I don't think I've seen one of Herzog's films before (that I remember), but after watching RD i'll have to go and look some up.  Loved Bale and Zahn in this too.  Zahn especially surprises me, as I've only seen him in comedies that I can remember, so seeing him in this beat down POW role was pretty interesting.  

I went ahead and watched the supplemental stuff too, which showcases Herzog as a big hands on director guy, and it talked a bit about the documentary that preceded this film which I'd like to check out as well.  Totally worth watching though if you haven't already.  I'll probably pick up the Blu Ray version sometime soon.

#39 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This is me cheating again, because I've seen this before.  However, I was pretty young the last time I sat down to watch the whole film, and I really couldn't remember much outside of the ending and a few other memorable scenes.  It's such a great movie though, and it stands up so well after all this time.  Definitely a movie that I'd like to show my kids someday, and like a lot of the early Spielberg stuff it manages to really fire up your imagination.  

Also, the Blu Ray of this looks fantastic for anyone considering it.  I wouldn't say its the top achiever in video quality, but for something hitting its 30th anniversary it looks really nice.  I went ahead and watched the SE version that comes on disc, but it also has the original cut and the directors cut included as well.

#40 - Triad Election

My first Johnnie To film, and while I realize this is a sequel to the original Election (which just recently hit DVD), it still holds up just fine on its own.  Also, it has Simon Yam, who is quickly becoming one of my more favorite Hong Kong actors.  

A lot of style in this film, and you can definitely tell that To has been influenced by Western gangster films as well.  I'm anxious to see the original Election now, just to see how a couple characters went thru some massive changes personality wise in this film.  It didn't blow me away, but it's a decent flick.  

#41 - The Replacement Killers

I held off on watching this for a loooong time, just because I've heard it was pretty awful.  However, I dug the hell out of this.  It's basically Fuqua trying to do his best John Woo impression with none other than Chow Yun Fat himself, and while it doesn't quite live up to that style, it comes out pretty well anyways.  There's a lot of homage to the Killer/Better Tomorrow/Hard Boiled type of character that made Chow Yun so famous, with ton of gunplay, crazy slides and spins, and all that.  If you're a fan of the man you should check this out at least once.  

My biggest complaint would be Sorvino, and not so much because I think she's awful, but more because her character seemed unnecessary and just happened to be there to get people to realize this wasn't a foreign film or something at the time.  Her character could have easily played a bit role, but I guess they felt an American audience wasn't ready for a pure Chow Yun Fat vehicle at the time.  

I'll be picking this up soon enough too.  The verison I saw was the recently released Extended Edition, even though I'm not entirely sure what was added.

#42 - Fist of the Red Dragon

This is also knows as Hero among Heroes and something else, but basically all you need to know is that it's a turn of the century Donnie Yen kung fu flick.  The plot revolves around people bringing Opium into China and certain leaders wanting to tax the opium to gain funds for China with others wanting to ban it outright because it was becoming a problem.  Donnie Yen gets mixed up in between the two sides, with a lot of fantastic fight scenes in between.  A lot of fun if you're a fan of this stuff, as I am, but the DVD blows.  No original language track, just the dub, which is even more maddening when you realize they also include subs for some reason.  

I'd really like to see a non hacked up version of this film, so hopefully someone down the line picks up the rights to it and does it justice.  The transfer was pretty awful too unfourtanately. 
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Subject:#37 - Live Free or Die Hard + Yay Thanksgiving!
Time:06:14 pm
 I'm still doing this dammit!  I'll probably not hit 300 before my year is up, but whatever.

#37 - Live Free or Die Hard

Well, I enjoyed it well enough, but it's the weakest in the series for me.  I don't mind Mac Kid, and Bruce did a pretty good job with what he had.  Kevin Smith was useless.  Olyphant makes a horrible villian, and I loved him in Deadwood.  That guy should stick to good guy roles.  

Also, I kinda think the movie is too big.  If I had a complaint against Die Hard 3, it was the lack of a specific location that McClane fucked up the bad guys in.  This one takes that complaint and just enlarges the hell out of it.  

I watched the Unrated version, and outside of a few extra fucks, there wasn't anything R rated worthy in it.  Still a decent action flick, but definitely not fantastic.  

So, Terminator 4.  McG.  Kind of yawn inducing right.  Wait, who's that over in the corner.  Is that....OMG CHRISTIAN BALE FROM LEFT FIELD FOR JOHN CONNOR GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   

Needless to say I hope that rumor is true at least.  I enjoyed Terminator 3 well enough, btw, so the idea of another sequel doesn't make my insides squirm.  

Also, Rock Band?  FUCKAWESOME.  I've played thru a few tiers so far in Guitar Solo Career, and dabbled in drums and vocals.  I'm horrible at vocals, I barely passed Say It Ain't So on Medium, and failed miserably at whatever song I tried next.  I'm pretty bad at drums too, so i'm going to have to start off on easy for both of those.  

I'm hoping to pick up the DLC for the Metallica and Police packs next week though.  Keeping up with the downloadables for this game will be hard.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I'm gonna eat so much food tomorrow, it will be fantastical.
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Subject:Mid Week Stuff
Time:12:11 pm

SUPER MARIO GALAXY!  I'm totally picking this up today, and my excitement is at an all time high while I peck this out on the keyboard at work.  Only a few more hours to go...

Gamefly is pissing me off.  So is Netflix.  Yes, I know we had a "holiday" that caused the Post Office to be closed on Monday, but dammit, neither of them have updated with anything recieved or shipped.  

I somewhat expect this from Gamefly, it usually takes a few days for them to get my games back.  However, the last group I sent back ended up getting that "Fast Return" shit applied to them (meaning the PO scanned them in, which notifies Gamefly that the games are on the way and thus they can safely send me new ones), but it doesn't look like that is happening with these two.  That doesn't make sense, because I always go to the same PO to drop my stuff off.  If they weren't billing out for the month today I'd probably drop them and just pick up a game or two at Blockbuster here and there.  

Netflix, on the other hand, is surprising.  Since I've resigned back up with them, they've been incredibly consistent.  I send back a movie, they recieve and ship a new one the next day, I have the movie in my hands on day 3.  However, I dropped off two on Monday (PO closed day), and one yesterday, and they haven't recieved any of them.  If I've entered the fabled throttle zone I'll drop them too.  Fuckers.

I got some new review games in yesterday, two of which I wasn't expecting.  So now I've got Mario and Sonic Olympic Games (ehh), Viva Pinata Party Animals (ugh), and Virtua Fighter 5 online (yay!) to check out.  I'm happy to see that VF5 doesn't seem to have any online achievements, which is good because I'll be getting my ass handed to me by everyone I'm sure.

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Subject:#36 - Casablanca
Time:09:32 am

Yes, yes, I've never seen Casablanca before, but I will say I enjoyed it.

I'm not BIG on old Hollywood flms, but there are a few I like, mostly Hitchcock stuff and in particular To Kill a Mockingbird.  Love that one.  However, Casablanca manages to stand out pretty well for me, even though I more or less knew the plot from all the homage/parody bits that I've seen in hundreds of other shows and movies beforehand.  

Rick is a great character, and reason enough to watch the movie.  The dialogue bits he has with everyone in the movie is fantastic, and you can tell that Hollywood has mined him a bit for other iconic "cynical hero" roles.  

I watched this in HD too, and the transfer is pretty great.  It also retains the correct aspect ratio, and doesn't try to stretch the film out for widescreen TV's, which is nice.  

Another classic that I want to see is "The Adventures of Robin Hood", which is also on HD, but the trailer included on the Casablanca disc doesn't look too hot quality wise, which will be a shame since it looks to be a pretty colorful film.  

Side note:  I watched the first disc of Flight of the Conchords and definitely loved it.  It's a bit cheapened to me only because I've seen a lot of the musical bits already, but Mel is fucking awesome, and the highlight of the first disc has to be episode 3 with the muggers. 

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